Meet the team

Meet the team

Management & Admin

Chris Russell Chris Russell Chris Russell President / Dealer
Nathan Mirza Nathan Mirza Nathan Mirza Executive Manager
Pat Poirier Pat Poirier Pat Poirier Office Manager 775-600-1500
Hannah Grundy Hannah Grundy Hannah Grundy Owner Loyalty Manager 775-600-1500
Keely Stock Keely Stock Keely Stock Accounting 775-600-1500


Alex Zelaya Alex Zelaya Alex Zelaya Sales Manager 775-600-1500
Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia Sales Manager 775-600-1500
Lucky Pahal Lucky Pahal Lucky Pahal Finance Manager 775-600-1500
Mike Mirza Mike Mirza Mike Mirza Sales Consultant / Finance Manager 775-600-1500
Ryan Hurst Ryan Hurst Ryan Hurst Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Tiffany Bryden Tiffany Bryden Tiffany Bryden Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Trinity Maena-Ramirez Trinity Maena-Ramirez Trinity Maena-Ramirez Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Sterling Smith Sterling Smith Sterling Smith Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Harley Swift Harley Swift Harley Swift Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Nathan Rivera Nathan Rivera Nathan Rivera Sales Consultant 775-600-1500
Norman Leverett Norman Leverett Norman Leverett Sales Manager 775-600-1500
Mike Lawrence Mike Lawrence Mike Lawrence Inventory Manager 775-600-1500

Service & Parts

Richie West Richie West Richie West Fixed Operations Manager 775-600-1500
Lee Qualls Lee Qualls Lee Qualls Parts Driver 775-600-1500
Mike Madson Mike Madson Mike Madson Technician 775-600-1500
Abe Smith Abe Smith Abe Smith Parts 775-600-1500
Craig Phillips Craig Phillips Craig Phillips Service Advisor 775-600-1500
Danilo Yanes Danilo Yanes Danilo Yanes Detail 775-600-1500
Faith Solis Faith Solis Faith Solis Parts 775-600-1500
Jeff Russells Jeff Russells Jeff Russells Technician 775-600-1500
Janeth Chicas Janeth Chicas Janeth Chicas Building Ops 775-600-1500
Justin Marsdia Justin Marsdia Justin Marsdia Technician 775-600-1500
Kenny Hung Kenny Hung Kenny Hung Technician 775-600-1500